5 Unexpected Traits of Servant Leaders
By Emily Smith, NAWBO President | Published June 2015




 ESmith2015Emily Smith 
President, NAWBO Chicago
Vice President, Bespoke Commercial Real Estate







The 9 p.m. murmurs: kids tumbling into bed, the refrigerator door closing for the last time, the soft hum of the television. These are the sounds in the background almost every night when incoming NAWBO President Michele Katz and I talk on the phone. She’s an attorney and I’m in commercial real estate. Our days are long. We’ve got deals, deadlines, decisions—and dinner—to make. We have people to tuck in. There are papers to sort through after that.


You’d think a volunteer job in a jam-packed schedule would be hard and it is (just telling the truth here!). But, it is very rewarding. That’s why Michele and I talk daily to strategize on how NAWBO can serve women in business.


We believe in servant leadership.


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